It’s All About The Food

It’s All About The Food

Welcome to our kitchen. We have a lot to share, so let’s start.

Our cooking history is very colorful and a little bit painful, and the results have often been either meh, or just plain indigestible. Our persistence is the only constant – we try, and try, and then try some more. We’ve ruined desserts, killed potted herbs in a matter of days, activated numerous smoke alarms, burnt caramel, cracked bowls while whisking eggs, effectively sending mentioned eggs into all corners of the kitchen. Chestnuts have exploded on us(who knew you had to score them before roasting?), eggs have blown out of the microwave(how were we to know you’re not supposed to put eggs in the microwave?), and once, we’ve had to make a run for the hospital, after Simeon cut his finger right to the bone, while enthusiastically chopping vegetables. We’ve had such an amazing amount of kitchen disasters, it’s a wonder we still cook. Even more astounding than that, we’ve become somewhat adequate! Going even further, our steady line of experiments over the years have made us impermeable to ridicule. Failure, it seems, is a good teacher, especially if failure means hunger(oh, using up the last of your supplies, in the middle of the night, to make choux pastry and ending up with soggy eclairs and an empty stomach, because you’d rather starve than eat that monstrosity that made you retch when you put it in your mouth!).

We wanted to help other people like us(ignorant food enthusiasts!) feel a bit less inadequate in the kitchen, and what better way than starting a food blog? We’ve gotten a lot better with time, and we’d like to show you how you can become a better home cook as well. So, again, welcome. It’s all about the food.


It’s All About The Food

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