Hi, we are Simeon and Tony – full-time geeks, part-time amateur cooks and occasional photographers. Welcome to our virtual kitchen!

We share a love of food, design, photography and technology and this website is a way for us to indulge in our passions. We are friends who’ve known each other for a long time and we love to cook together, learn new recipes and document our spectacular failures in the kitchen (and there are quite a lot of those)! But not to worry – half the time our cooking experiments are surprisingly delicious!

We did mention we are geeks, right? So expect some geekiness along with the recipes; we are fond of obscure food facts and find the history of food and cooking a fascinating subject. We will be geeking out! And cooking our butts off! We hope you’re here to stay.

Tony is responsible for the cooking, styling and photography on the blog. She is very fond of her suitcase and likes to move around a bit.

Simeon takes care of all the technical stuff for the blog and does the literal heavy lifting (of shopping bags) as well as the power-kneading. He enjoys spending time with his family and cooking for them.



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