24 Free Food Photographs for Your Designs

24 Free Food Photographs for Your Designs

Hey guys!

I might have mentioned a couple of times on the blog that Simeon and I are complete geeks 😉 A lot of our conversations involve phrases like VPS management, font-aliasing, database collating, image-culling, templating systems…you get the picture. Simeon is a hardcore web developer and I’ve dabbled enough to find my way around scripts and tags, so we know how difficult it is sometimes to glam up awesome code for lack of quality images. That’s why we decided to do a little something something for our fellow web developers and put together a package of free food photographs. We’ve amassed quite a number of photographs from our initial experiments with cooking and photography, and instead of letting them rot on our hard drives we are giving them away for free! Enter your name and email below to get the download link. We promise we won’t spam!

Let us know what you think of the pictures—if there’s enough interest, we may turn this into a regular thing!

Happy coding!


P.S. In case you’re not a web developer, stay away—I’m kidding, only kidding! Honestly, if you just want some nice food images to put as a screensaver or on your kitchen wall, feel free to download and use them to your heart’s content :)


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24 Free Food Photographs for Your Designs

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